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Manage the
quality control of
your products

Using a cloud-based system to set up and perform quality inspections that fully meet your business criteria.

Increase confidence in the quality of your products with the
benefits that make Inspect&Trace the specialized software for you. 

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Fully adaptable system to your business needs

Inspect&Trace is a web-based software that can be customized to fit seamlessly into your quality control processes without any modifications.


  • Handle your product catalog without limits.

  • Manage the features and criteria that will be inspected in each product

  • Run inspections and get results that can be consulted on custom dashboards

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Training and support according your necessities

We strive to understand the unique characteristics of your business and the challenges it faces in order to provide a tailored and accessible training plan and learning materials.  


Additionally, by getting to know your needs, we are better equipped to tackle your technical support queries more effectively. This involves finding the source of the issue, which allows us to provide the optimal solution.

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Share information between systems using APIs

Inspect&Trace is a system designed to work entirely using APIs, that help us to build integrations with other systems in a more effective way.


Carry out your workflow without interruptions or rework. Our team of professionals will help you find the best way to optimize your processes with Inspect&Trace.

Definition of

personalized criteria

Every business has its own quality criteria to follow, which may be defined according to its individual needs or legal guidelines to be preserved. Regardless of the origin, by using Inspect&Trace, you have a broad range of options to define the characteristics of your inspections, both at the product and supplier levels.

Image - Inspect&Trace personalizable

We have the ideal solution for your business’ type

Distribution and Transportation

Analyze the conditions of the product to be shipped and attach the necessary documentation to ensure timely and accurate shipments. Register transportation units for loading and unloading, inspecting their conditions, and conducting verifications of the 17 CTPAT points to ensure regulatory compliance and supply chain security. Additionally, receive automated reports of claims to be clarified and access results dashboards directly from the platform.

Safety inspections

Customize your inspections to address critical aspects such as personal protective equipment, cleanliness, and signage. Classify findings by their severity and maintain photographic records on the platform. Inspect&Trace ensures data integrity with audit trails, empowering you to uphold a safe and healthy work environment.


With Inspect&Trace, ensure efficient management of received products, identifying and documenting any defects for subsequent resolution. Additionally, facilitate a transparent process of payment negotiations with producers, using the data collected during inspections as a basis for fair and equitable agreements.

Custom agencies

Optimize the customs inspection process by efficiently identifying tariff fractions with higher risk or a history of non-compliance. By leveraging a data-driven and mathematical model-based approach, ensure a more effective and precise customs inspection, reducing the time and resources required for goods verification.

Get detailed information on how our system can enhance your quality control

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