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Image - Criterios personalizados con Inspect&Trace

Definition of personalized criteria.

Every business has its own quality criteria to follow, which may be defined according to its individual needs or legal guidelines to be preserved. Regardless of the origin, by using Inspect&Trace, you have a broad range of options to define the characteristics of your inspections, both at the product and supplier levels.


Customize the guidelines for product inspections with the level of detail you require and ensure the proper execution of your quality control processes. Choose the moment when inspections will be executed and the criteria to rate each product through a simple and editable process as many times as you need.


  • Configure your inspection plan by defining the tolerance level for failed or accepted findings of inspected samples. As well as the product grading model based on their overall results.

  • Manage your product catalog with a detailed configuration of the characteristics to be reviewed in each inspection, as well as their acceptance or rejection criteria.

  • Simplify the configuration of extensive catalogs by using templates and importing CSV data, allowing you to register new products and modify details without manually filling out forms.

  • Manage system permissions in detail and ensure the integrity of your configuration; each user can have one or more roles with their respective set of permissions and can only access one role per session.

Do you have questions about the configuration criteria available and how to adapt it to your process?

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