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Image - Inspecciones con Inspect&Trace

Running inspections.

Perform quality inspections in your business quickly and from any device with an internet connection. With Inspect&Trace, you can capture information from each sample, attach pictures and other documents, and obtain results based on the previously configured settings.

Start your quality inspections with a product movement, and the system will indicate whether it needs to be inspected or not according to the guidelines you have configured. Similarly, you can calculate the samples to be reviewed and capture findings with the confidence that your inspection plan will always be carried out according to your specifications.


  • Keep track of product transactions that, based on their characteristics, may result in an inspection order, which can also be managed for later definition of the batch of samples to be reviewed.

  • Assign the samples to be inspected in each inspection order, based on the quantity of items included in the transaction..

  • Capture the findings for each product characteristic inspected, regardless of the order in which data is entered. The information will be saved and you can exit and return to the process whenever necessary.

  • Obtain a summary of results by characteristic and an overall result for the batch of samples inspected before closing the inspection, allowing the inspector to detect data entry errors in time and correct them.

Do you have questions about how to handle quality inspections in your workflow using Inspect&Trace?

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